Skylook for Skype

The first app Netralia developed was Skylook in 2006.

Standard Outlook lets you send, receive, forward, reply to, store, organize, search, follow-up and archive emails.

Outlook with Skylook lets you do all those things with phone calls too, as well as PC-to-PC calls, voicemail, instant messages and SMS*. (Calls are recorded to MP3 for storage and archiving).

Skylook also combines email, reminders, calls, voicemail, instant messages and SMS in powerful ways – e.g. to send you SMS alerts when you miss reminders, or to read important emails to you on your phone when you are away from your desk.

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Here’s what some of our users have had to say (see more testimonials at

“Thanks for the update, if only more companies were like you!” – Carey Rudd, Online Knowledge on 14th August, 2010.

“Skylook – great product, EXCELLENT Support. Response is swift and effective. Good work, Skylook team!” – Veronika Makk, Melbourne, Australia on 25th June, 2010.

“Thanks for your prompt reply and action. Still really enjoying the product.” – Roger Cressey –QUBIX

“W….O….W!!! If ever there was a software upgrade you ‘must’ get if you even dream you might want to use Skype… THIS IS IT!” – Lee Hopkins –

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